Robot Control Mate (RCM)


The operator interface enhances flexibility and efficiency for simple robotic applications

Robot Control Mate RobotStudio® Add-In

ABB expands RobotStudio with ability to control robots from PC. Robot Control Mate enables users to move, teach and calibrate robots from their computer, making it easier than ever to control a robot’s movements. For the first time ever, ABB’s offline programming software can now be used to control the physical movements of a robot in real-time.

Robot Control Mate Web

Robot Control Mate is a software solution for easy moving, teaching and calibrating robots for standard operations and when a FlexPendant is not available. The Robot Control Mate can be used on a PC, laptop, or any portable device such as a tablet. The software is available as an add-in to ABB’s RobotStudio or as a web version, the latter allows user to connect a tablet to the controller either via ehternet or wirelessly.


Key benefits

Move, teach and calibrate multiple robots wirelessly
Intuitive web-based interface, designed for users to control robots with ease
Support of software development kits enables high flexibility for users
Ideal solution for standard and simple operations


3 steps to get started with Robot Control Mate RobotStudio Add-In

Step 3
Start to move, teach, or calibrate robots. Then you will see robot's movements in real-time.


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