IRB 1010


Enhanced productivity in extraordinary narrow space

A small robot with a big performance designed to meet the trend towards the manufacture of miniaturized electronics and wearable devices. With the highest payload of 1.5kg, class-leading repeatability 0.01mm, and 30% smaller size, the IRB 1010 allows for the highest productivity and high-quality manufacturing in extraordinarily narrow space.

Consumer demand for smart wearable devices such as sensors, watches, earphones, glasses, sports, and health trackers is growing rapidly around the world. Products are smaller and lighter than before. Manufacturers need a smaller robot with higher performance. ABB’s smallest ever industrial robot, the IRB 1010 is designed to meet this demand by enabling fast and accurate handling of complex manufacturing processes involving small and delicate components.

The IRB 1010 is also an ideal solution for educational applications. Its compact design makes it suitable for installation on classroom desktops, while its inherent simplicity enables both teachers and students to quickly master the skills needed for programming and operation.  


Key benefits


The highest 1.5kg payload enables the IRB 1010 to handle more objects than other lighter payload robots, enhancing productivity.


30% smaller* size is ideal for extraordinary spaces and enables more robots to be installed, maximizing available space and increasing productivity.


Unmatched position and path repeatability 0.01mm enables accurate and high-quality manufacturing.

Keep positioning

6 brake systems enable the robot arm to remain in situ when paused. With no time needed for the arm to recover its position, the IRB 1010 can resume production faster.


ABB’s smallest industrial robot

The IRB 1010 is designed to suit the narrow spaces and special purpose machines. These compact dimensions increase the number of cells that can be fitted into production spaces, enabling manufacturers to boost output through higher density factory layouts.

Simple programming with Robot Control Mate

The software enables users to move, teach and calibrate IRB 1010 from their computers or mobile tablets in real-time, making it easier than ever to control a robot’s movements. The software also comes in a web version, which can connect a mobile tablet to the controller wirelessly.

Consumes 20 percent less energy using OmniCore E10 controller

The E10 ultra-slim controller offers best-in-class motion control, 20 percent energy savings (compared with ABB’s IRC5 controller) and futureproofing through built-in digital connectivity and 1000+ additional functions to meet changing requirements.

Added vacuum suction for improved handling

The larger diameter (Ф4mmx 2 pieces) of the upper arm air hose provides additional power for vacuum suction, handling more objects simultaneously and increasing the number of items that can be handed per hour.




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