IRB 920T and IRB 920


Designed to meet the requirements of the electronics industry, the IRB 920T/IRB 920 provides the highest levels of speed, accuracy and repeatability for a range of assembly, picking and handling tasks. With its class-leading speed and compact design, the IRB 920T/IRB 920 can be installed in a variety of locations to enable fast and cost-effective handling of loads up to 6kg, from single components through to assembled products.


Key benefits

Class-leading speed:

Fourteen percent faster than its predecessor and with a cycle time of 0.29 seconds, the IRB 920T outperforms other SCARA robots in its class, reducing cycle times and enabling more products to be produced per hour.

Excellent repeatability:

The IRB 920T/IRB 920’s excellent repeatability enables it to achieve the highest levels of manufacturing quality with minimal or zero wastage.

Larger diameter air hose:

The use of a larger diameter air hose provides additional power for vacuum suction, making it possible to handle multiple objects simultaneously.

Harsh and cleanroom applications

IP54 option can prevent ingress of dust and splashing water for use in the assembly, picking, and placing applications. The cleanroom ISO5 option ensures cleanness and eliminates the risk of contamination in the semiconductor and display industries.

Increased connections:

Option of up to 20 I/O (Input/Output) connectors allows the use of more sophisticated grippers and end effectors for more complex applications.

Lightweight design:

Weighing just 24kg, the IRB 920T/IRB 920 is 10 percent lighter than other SCARA robots in its class, eliminating the need for extra materials to support the robot, reducing cell design costs. Routing all cables internally to remove cable interference also enables a compact footprint, minimizing installation space requirements.

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