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With more than 10 years of experience in 3C sector, ABB Robotics have strong capability in helping 3C customers to increase their productivity with wide variety of applications.

Our customer base includes not only well-known 3C brands in the world but also top ODM/OEM contract manufacturers in the industry. The main reasons they choose ABB is our superior technology and strong capability in satisfying customer’s needs.

We have abundant successful stories in helping customers produce plastic or metal case through grinding, deburring, deflashing and polishing processes. Not to mention our proven records in assembling, testing, inspecting and packaging for finished goods. Moreover, ABB robots are very reliable at machine tending and applications of picking and placing. There are over 10,000 units of ABB robots working in the industry nicely. They are assisting and supporting the customers as well as the industry moving to the next level of productivity.

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