ABB supports Qisda with robotic solution for the production lines

ABB supports Qisda with robotic solution for the production lines

Quality and flexibility were two of the major benefits brought to Qisda’s production lines by installing ABB robots to work hand in hand with their shopfloor staff.


The challenge
Qisda needed a flexible automation solution that would boost productivity in a rapidly diversifying electronics market.

The solution
ABB worked closely with Qisda to develop a smart automation solution made of ABB’s small parts assembly robots that are well-known for their precision. The production line is designed to allow both employees and the robots to collaborate, boosting flexibility. Automating the repetitive task of assembling parts has increased the quality of the output and freed up manual workers to perform more rewarding work.

The application
Assemble and fix parts of devices along with human workers

The Taiwan-headquartered electronics manu-facturer is meeting the increased complexity of its production environment thanks to excellent collaboration with ABB.

Smart automation is the gateway to production progress at Qisda. Like many companies, the manufacturer is currently facing the challenge of adapting its production to greater diversity. Moving from high-volume series production to highly customized products manufactured in much smaller lots, the Taiwan-headquartered company is looking to increased flexibility and quality to underline its future production success.

Qisda is an original design and equipment manu-facturer service provider for electronic products, with production lines all around the world. Its product offering includes commercial, consumer, industrial, and medical applications and its LCD monitors and projectors are leading products in the industry. This need for increased variety, flexibility and quality has resulted in more complex automation for Qisda. For this reason, the company focuses on working in a smart way, and uses ABB robots to automate their complete production lines.

“Qisda designed the production line to allow people and ABB robots to collaborate so we have maximum flexibility”, explains Ken SC Chao, Smart Factory Solution Senior Manager at Qisda.

Precise positioning

ABB’s robots perform several tasks on the line. These include assembling the parts provided by an operator, screwing the cover to the back of the monitors, testing the connection ports and performing a vision-based components check.

“Take the LCD monitor in Taiwan as an example. From the beginning of product assembly and testing to packing, ABB robots are involved.”, Ken SC Chao, Smart Factory Solution Senior Manager at Qisda.

In terms of boosting production quality, the robots provide stability and accuracy for device positioning. Depending on the product, the robot very accurately puts a part fed by an assembly line worker into place for the following production step, which will again be carried out by a member of staff. This helps to keep production flow high and makes the use of different positioning devices unnecessary.

Listening to and respecting the customer

The Smart Factory Solution tem at Qisda had their own ideas as to how their future production concept should be set up, but no experience with robot automation. They were therefore looking for a partner who would respect both their ideas and needs, as well as having automation experience in the computing, communication and consumer electronics (3C) industry. Furthermore, the Taiwanese manufacturer had a very tight time schedule to install the application and ramp up production, meaning that smooth cooperation with a partner was essential.

Qisda selected ABB both for their experience in the 3C industry and their willingness to develop the solution together with Qisda and fully tailor it to their requirements. As a result of bringing ABB’s robots on board, Qisda has reduced low skill manual tasks by 51 percent. The staff who previously did this boring, repetitive work will now be trained to do more rewarding, professional tasks, while enhancing the management of manufacturing productivity by 74 percent. Occupational injury rates have also been greatly reduced and production per unit area boosted by 52 percent.

 With such figures to reflect on, Qisda is now planning to further invest in smart robot automation across their various production sites. And they see their relationship with ABB as part of their bright future with their new production concept. 

“Within the trend of Industry 4.0, we look forward to a long-lasting partnership with ABB and to have a win-win situation”, Chao concludes. 

About Qisda

Qisda is an ODM/OEM service provider of electronic products for consumer, commercial, medical, and industrial applications. Its product offering ranges from LCD monitors, All-in-One PC, digital signage & professional displays, projectors, scanners, Industrial automation products, 4G smartphones, medical gateways, medical imaging & telecare, automobile infotainment devices, e-Reader, to tablets.Headquartered in Taiwan, Qisda has R&D centers located in Taiwan and China, and global manufacturing sites in China, Mexico, and Taiwan.
Established: 1984
Employees: 9.985
Global Manufacturing Sites: China, Taiwan
Products: Display Products/ Healthcare Solutions / Mobile Communication Devices / Opt mechatronics Products / IA Solution / Automobile Solutions


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