Unleash the speedy cobot. A lightning-fast cobot that combines industrial-level performance and innovative safety. SWIFTI gets the job done faster and more accurately than you can imagine. SWIFTI bridges the gap between collaborative and industrial robots. It enables proven safe collaborative operation to be achieved, even in applications that demand industrial-level speed and lifting capabilities.


Introducing SWIFTI™

Collaborative safety

Combining ABB’s SafeMove comprehensive safety functionality with a safety laser scanner,* SWIFTI can be installed without physical fencing and still collaborate safely with people. If a worker is detected within its working area, SWIFTI will automatically slow down or halt to allow them to approach safely. An interaction light also provides a visual indication of SWIFTI’s status. It signals human co-workers when people are inside SWIFTI’s working zone.

No experience? No problem.

Offering both lead-through programming – via a clip-on lead-through device, Wizard easy programming software, and the graphical SafeMove configurator App on the FlexPendant, SWIFTI can can be configured and programmed easily and quickly.

High-performance collaboration

SWIFTI offers a maximum Tool Center Point (TCP) speed of over 5 m/s, five times faster than other 4 kg cobots and comparable with industrial robots. At 0.01 mm, SWIFTI also provides up to 10 times higher position repeatability than other collaborative robots.
Collaborative safety 
  • Supervised by SafeMove and safety sensor
  • Stop safely before contact with a human
  • Interaction status light
  • Safety certified Category 3, PL d
  • Wizard easy programming
  • Intuitive robot movement programming with external lead-through device
  • SafeMove configurator App on the FlexPendant
  • With a TCP speed of over 5m/s**, it is five times faster than other cobots in its class
  • Up to 10x higher position repeatability 0.01mm than most cobots in its class
  • Four integrated air supplies enable vacuum picking


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*Safety PLC is required for connection with the laser scanner
** Safe collaborative speed may be lower, depending on your application layout. Always do a safety risk assessment of your cobot application.