GoFa™ CRB 15000


Go faster. Go further than ever. GoFa’s class-leading speed, safety, and ease of use will take your business to the next level. GoFa incorporates a range of features that allow it to be used safely, directly alongside human workers and without the need to design and build bulky barriers or fencing. GoFa can continuously share workspace with people, giving it maximum flexibility and efficiency. Robot and human cooperate on the same tasks, without jeopardizing  productivity or safety.


Introducing GoFa™

Strong yet safe

Designed for handling payloads up to 5 kg, GoFa has integrated torque sensors in each of its six joints offering superior power and force limiting performance. Together, these prevent the risk of injury by bringing GoFa to an immediate stop if it senses any contact with a human worker.

Easy set-up 

Set up and configuration is easy with intuitive, graphical Apps directly on the FlexPendant. You can move your robot using lead-through in no time.

Greater productivity

GoFa offers a maximum Tool Center Point (TCP) speed of up to 2.2 m/s,* faster than other cobots in its class. GoFa can perform more operations in a set period than competing robots.
Collaborative safety 
  • Superior power and force limiting performance through integrated torque sensors
  • Safe design of robot, rounded geometry, no pinch/trap points 
  • Safety certified Category 3, PL d
  • Enhanced interaction with arm side interface
  • Lead-through programming anywhere on the robot
  • Wizard easy programming
  • SafeMove configurator App on the FlexPendant
  • With a TCP speed of up to 2.2 m/s,* GoFa is faster than other cobots in its class
  • 950mm reach: 12 per cent longer than comparable 5 kg cobots
  • Powered by OmniCore with best-in-class motion control


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* Safe collaborative speed may be lower, depending on your application layout. Always do a safety risk assessment of your cobot application.


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