IRB 365 FlexPicker®

5 axes flexibility for fast reorientation of lightweight products

With the same five axes and 1.5kg payload, the three variants (800mm, 1100mm, 1300mm) of IRB 365 FlexPicker® Delta robot are flexible and the fastest in their class for reorientating packaged lightweight products such as cookies, chocolates, peppers, candies, small bottles, and parcels.  


Key features


5 axes capability increases application flexibility for Shelf Ready Packaging, parcel sorting, and bottle unscrambling.


Pick reorientate and place 1kg products at 120 picks per minute*, the fastest in the class.


PickMaster® Digital Twin reduces commissioning times from days to hour and changeover times from hours to minutes.

Powered by OmniCore controller

Offers best-in-class motion control, built-in digital connectivity, and 1000+ additional functions.


Secondary packaging

Top loading, Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP), and by tilting products in packaging.

Bottle handling and unscrambling

Picking random orientation bottles laying flat and standing them up.

3D picking

Identifying product characteristics and place to an orientation.


Picking from a random flow and placing vertical.

On edge placing

Picking products and placing on edge

Parcel sorting

Singulation of random bulk parcels and parcel orientation.


Key industries


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*picking cycle 25x305x25 mm and return 
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