IRB 930

High payload 12 or 22 kg SCARA robot for increased throughput


The IRB 930 is a 12-kg or 22-kg high payload SCARA robot that boosts throughput by up to 20% with class-leading speed, accuracy, internal cabling, and extraordinary downward force. IRB 930 SCARA delivers high performance across all market segments, including electronics, automotive electrical vehicles (EV), solar, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). IRB 930 is ideal for fast point-to-point applications, such as assembly, material handling, pick & place, and screw driving.


Key benefits


High payload of 12 or 22kg increase throughput by up to 20%

High performance

Up to 5% superior to industry average speed; extraordinary repeatability and accuracy

Space saving

Omitting an external tube saves up to 20% space

Extraordinary downward force

The downward force of 250N doubles the average screw driving capacity

IRB 930 family consists of 3 variants, 12kg with 850mm, 12kg with 1050mm, 22kg with 1050mm.

High payload achieves more throughput by up to 20%

The IRB 930 is a 12-kg or 22-kg payload SCARA robot which provides higher payload capabilities than competing robots in its class. Capable of handling more objects in less time than other lighter payload SCARA robots, it can increase throughput by up to 20%. The high payload SCARA can also be used with sophisticated tools/grippers for delicate applications.

Industry leading speed by up to 5%

Coupled with a cycle time of 0.38 and 0.39 seconds, the IRB 930 is faster than other robots by up to 5%, enabling significantly more products to be produced per hour.
The IRB 930’s excellent position repeatability (0.01 mm and 0.02mm) enables it to achieve the highest levels of manufacturing quality with minimal or zero wastage.

Larger diameter air hose provides up to 30% faster suction

The use of a larger diameter air hose provides additional power for vacuum suction, making it possible to simultaneously handle multiple objects up to 30% faster than other robots in its class.

Omitting an external tube delivers up to 20% space saving

With all cables routed internally to remove cable interference, the IRB 930 saves up to 20% of the space typically required above the upper arm, optimizing production space and flexibility. This enables the IRB 930 to work nicely in close proximity to an inverted SCARA IRB 910INV or 6-axis robot.

Extraordinary downward force

IRB 930 offers a maximum downward force of 250N, providing more than double the average screw driving capacity of other robots on the market. This makes it ideally suited for not only conventional electronic applications but also green energy application areas like EV battery cells, modules, packs and solar panels.

Increased connectivity

The option to include up to 20 I/O connectors allows more sophisticated grippers and end effectors to be used for more complex applications.


Powered by an OmniCore controller, IRB 930 offers best-in-class motion control, built-in digital connectivity, and 1000+ additional functions.


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