IRB 460

High speed robotic palletizer

Leading ABB’s palletizing offering is the compact IRB 460 - the fastest palletizing robot in the world. The IRB 460 is perfect for end-of-line palletizing and bag palletizing applications. The 4-axis robot is the fastest of its kind and its small footprint makes it ideal for fitting into existing packing lines.

Main applications:
  • Palletizing,
  • De-palletizing,
  • Material handling


Key features

Shorter cycle times

The IRB 460 is the world’s fastest palletizing robot, capable of significantly shortening cycle times and raising productivity for end-of line and bag palletizing. With a reach of 2.4 meters and 110-kilogram payload capacity, this compact, four-axis robot can achieve up to 2,190 cycles per hour with a 60 kg load That’s 15 percent faster than its nearest rival.

High precision movements
Utilizing ABB’s motion control software, QuickMove™ and TrueMove™, the IRB 460 ensures palletizing is carried out with smooth movements and high path accurary. This means even the most sensitive products will be handled with great care without loosing cycle time.

Higher output from a smaller footprint
The compact design of the IRB 460 allows pallets to be placed 20 percent closer to the robot as compared with competitors’ robots with similar speeds and payloads. This factor alone can increase productivity by up to three percent.

Low cost of ownership and increased productivity
The robot’s robust and rigid design – manufactured to automotive industry standards – ensures high uptime and low maintenance costs. The IRB 460 also features integrated process cabling which helps extend life and reduces wear. We also offer RoboCare, a three-year warranty package, that ensures worry-free operation of your robots at a fixed cost. This package includes the patented ABB wireless Remote Services, which enables ABB experts to
monitor robots and suggest optimized maintenance to further increase productivity.

Faster, easier programming

The user-friendly software, RobotStudio with Palletizing PowerPac – which runs on a regular PC – lets users who have no robot programming experience create programs and simulations; and design palletizing installations. The software is used to “configure” palletizing systems rather than program them and reduces programming time by up to 80 percent.

Unrivaled experience and global support

With more than 25 years of experience in the palletizing sector, ABB is a multinational corporation that has a sales and service organization in 53 countries and over 100 locations.

Complete palletizing solutions

By combining the IRB 460 high speed palletizer with the ABB FlexGripper - Claw and RobotStudio with Palletizing PowerPac you get the fastest robotic bag palletizing system in the world. With all elements working together path accuracy is optimized to ensure that your products will not only be handled very fast, but also with the utmost care. With an ABB robot solution palletizing will never be a bottle neck; either now or in the future.

The IRB 460 is powered by IRC5 or OmniCore V250XT controllers. 


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