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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are cutting-edge transport robots specifically designed to move loads autonomously in a diverse range of industries, from automotive to logistics to consumer goods and other industrial processes. As leaders in the automation industry, ABB Robotics is spearheading the path into the future with our smart AMR/AGV robots that are equipped with a robust safety architecture and the latest software tools that enable efficient and safe operations with people and other machines. Our solutions cover a wide range of industrial applications, providing flexible and unbeatable solutions that help our customers increase their efficiency and competitiveness.


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Why ABB mobile robots?

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ABB offers a unique and comprehensive range of automation solutions that integrate robots, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and machine automation. Our mobile robot solutions address the logistic needs of the new connected industry, spanning automotive, logistics, industrial processes and consumer goods.

Our intelligent AMRs are ideal for automating a wide range of logistics applications in all industrial environments:

  • Inbound - Warehousing - Outbound
  • Intralogistics and material handling
  • Line supply and kitting
  • Assembly and sub-assembly lines
  • End-of-line handling and line feeding
  • Auxiliary supplies and interprocess connection

Transform your logistics with ABB mobile robots.

  • Safety: our AMRs work collaboratively with operators and other robots and elements of your plant thanks to their robust safety architecture.
  • Flexibility: our AMRs are designed to adapt to your business’s logistics needs.
  • Reliability: our AMRs ensure timely and traceable deliveries, making your logistics more efficient and avoiding human errors.
  • Increased productivity: AMRs automate repetitive and dull tasks, so you can streamline your operations and reduce costs.


  • ABB Robotics is a leading global robotics company that drives the transformation of the industry to achieve a more efficient and sustainable future.
  • Our focus is on delivering world-class AMRs that integrate the latest technological advancements in the sector.
  • We are committed to accelerating innovation and unlocking automation through our cutting-edge robotics solutions based on AI, 3D vision, connectivity solutions and easy-to-use software.


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