Visual SLAM and new AMR Studio® now available for AMR T702


Visual SLAM is a navigation technology that combines AI and 3D vision using off-the-shelf cameras. It allows AMRs to make intelligent decisions based on their surroundings and provides higher accuracy and robustness even in challenging environments.

Together with this technology, the new AMR Studio® software enables faster commissioning and ensures superior performance in dynamic and unstructured installations.



Key features


Good performance without a secondary navigation system. Robust against perturbations, including slippage, changing lighting conditions or partial camera occlusion.


+/- 5 mm positioning accuracy*

* Value depends on the quality of the surrounding environment.


The system differentiates between fixed navigation references that should be added to the map and objects such as people or vehicles that move or change position.

Fast commissioning

Visual SLAM and AMR Studio reduce commissioning time up to 20%. These technologies provide a reliable mapping image driven by the software without the need to make changes to the infrastructure.


Modifications to the route can easily be made thanks to the ease of use of the new software. Changes in the environment are automatically updated on the fleet map, ensuring the performance of the AMRs.

Increased efficiency

Real-time visualization and monitoring of the AMR fleet to optimize its performance.



Benefits in numbers

Up to 20% faster commissioning
VSLAM makes AMRs 20% faster than 2D SLAM
+/- 5 mm positioning accuracy*

*Value depends on the quality of the surrounding environment.


Why Visual SLAM

Visual SLAM is the technology enabler to expand natural navigation solutions to large AMR fleets and productive processes. This technology is the most reliable and does not require physical references.

VSLAM allows AMRs to operate in dynamic environments and large and crowded spaces. Thanks to its easy and fast commissioning and programming, VSLAM provides greater flexibility for customers and integrators.


AMR Studio® suite and Visual SLAM: the perfect match

AMR T702 with Visual SLAM navigation is also equipped with a new portfolio of software solutions that makes mapping, commissioning and diagnostics processes easier and quicker.
AMR Studio
AMR Studio Fleet Manager

AMR Studio®

A simple and intuitive way to set up an entire AMR fleet end-to-end.

Set up your AMR fleet in 3 steps:

  1. Map the environment: Record the environment through which the AMR will move and save the points you are interested in to save time.
  2. Define the path and mission: Define the paths the AMR will move along and program the mission logic following the steps provided by the software
  3. Share the project: Send the project file to the entire fleet and get the AMR fleet up and running with a single click.

AMR Studio® Fleet Manager

An intelligent and efficient service-based fleet management system to have full control of what is happening on the shop floor.

Easy control of your AMR Fleet:

  • Monitor the AMR fleet: Get full control of your fleet by tracking real-time data: AMR position, AMR battery level, mission progress etc.
  • Diagnose errors: Easily identify errors with a visual alert and get fast troubleshooting.
  • Measure: Elevate your system and take data-based decisions by checking historical fleet performance records.

Visual SLAM in a real environment

Visual SLAM technology has been validated in collaboration with Michelin. Discover the benefits of AMR T702 equipped with this technology in a real production environment.


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AMR T702 equipped with Visual SLAM and AMR Studio® is the ultimate combination of AI, 3D vision technology, and a compact and collaborative design that delivers maximum flexibility and productivity.

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