AMR Studio® Suite

Set up and control your AMR fleet

AMR Studio® Suite is a powerful ABB software that provides all the necessary tools to install, manage and monitor your AMR fleet. With its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithm capabilities, you can have complete control over your AMRs and ensure optimal fleet operations.​ ​

This software comprises two tools that will revolutionize the way you manage your system: AMR Studio® and AMR Studio® Fleet Manager.


Key features

Fast commissioning

The integration of all commissioning steps within the same software suite saves you time during the whole process.

Easy to use for any level of expertise

No high technical skills are required.

Infinite flexibility

Modifications to the route can easily be made thanks to the ease of use of the new software. Changes in the environment are automatically updated on the fleet map, ensuring the performance of the AMRs.

Increased efficiency

Monitor the data for each AMR and the entire fleet, including accomplished missions, ongoing operations, current status, and battery level.


The software automates repetitive processes and guides you through the main steps to avoid errors.

Sustainability first

The optimal performance of your AMR fleet minimizes energy consumption and waste.


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