Spot Welding Functional Module


Key benefits

Completely configured and tested equipment ready before delivery that allows for fast and easy commissioning.
Single supplier of robot and application equipment guarantees simultaneous delivery and verified system functionality.
Configurable for various requirements thanks to a modular design to meet specific process requirements.
Available for both robot-carried guns as well as for stationary guns.
Optimized and feasible solution available in early project stage through virtual controller, simulation models and full documentation.


A complete spot welding system

ABB Spot Welding Functional Module is a fully configured robot package, ready to use, suitable for ABB GWT 9-series servo guns for spot welding. The system package combines the best hardware, software, and electrical modules available for high quality performance and optimum production in spot welding applications.

Extensive experience for optimum production

ABB has extensive experience developing spot welding equipment to solve unique requirements. ABB has been delivering functional modules for the automotive and general industries for more than 40 years, guaranteeing a solution to optimize production.

A complete ready-to-use package

Spot Welding Functional Module is specifically designed to be a ready-to-use and reliable solution for spot welding applications. All hardware, software and electrical modules needed to complete a function module are included. The components are designed and configured to easily interface with each other. The system uses a software platform where customer unique features also can be configured.

In addition to our standard package, we also offer custom packages designed around your specific needs.



Our offering


A complete Spot Welding Functional Module contains

Besides the robot, the components in the Spot Welding Functional Module includes DressPack Lean ID, spot welding cabinet, spot welding software, spot welding gun, water and air unit and tip dresser. Also includes all hardware components needed to connect the modules above, such as cables and hoses.

DressPack LeanID

DressPack LeanID is a partly integrated dress pack that makes the production more secure and flexible. It reduces the cable wear that leads to fewer cable replacements witch increase productions uptime. Suits also well for 3D simulation.

Spot welding cabinet

The spot welding cabinet contains the electric components and circuits needed for spot welding application. It has the welding controller build in and is fully controlled from the robot controller via the spot welding software. The capacity and functionality depend on the choice of different options. The cabinet has a large size to support maintainability.

Spot welding software

The spot welding software is simple and has complete functionality but is still flexible to adaption for specific needs. It contributes with reliability and quality in the production and is available for robot carried and stationary welding guns.

Spot welding gun

The GWT 9-series are based on a modular concept and optimized design, the standard body can be combined with standard or specific arms, for either X or C/J guns. Same configurations are used for robot carried or stationary guns. As a standard there are two types of guns – “X” or “C/J”, and different variants in those, which offers a wide range of welding solutions.

Water and air unit

The water and air unit is fitted on the base of the robot and contains components for water and air distribution and control within the Spot Welding Functional Module. It is available for both robots carried guns as well as for stationary guns and is controlled from the robot controller via the spot welding software. The capacity and functionality depend on the choice of different options.

Tip dresser

The tip dresser makes dressing in one fast step with even and preset cutting conditions. It is a reliable and safe product that secures fast commissioning. There are a wide range of customized electrode types available on request. The same tip dresser can be bolted on the floor for robot carried guns or put on a swing arm for tip dress of stationary welding guns.


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