Remanufacturing and Workshop Repair


Extending equipment lifetime

Over the last 30 years, we’ve given thousands of our robots a second life through our global program of remanufacturing and upgrades. We have remanufactured over 12,000 robots globally.

Our six Global Remanufacture & Workshop Repair Centers in Germany, Czech Republic, the US, Brazil, Vietnam and China bring robots into the worldwide circular economy. Teams of experts take in previously owned robots, as well as peripheral equipment such as controllers and manipulators, and refurbish them to “like-new” conditions, ready to benefit new customers.

Remanufacturing enables existing robot users to sell inactive or legacy robots back to ABB with an attractive buy back service, rather than scrapping them or leaving them unused in a corner of the factory.

Did you know?

60-80% of a robot can be reused. The rest is sent to certified recycling partners.
Refurbishing a robot produces 75% less CO2 than producing a new one.

Quality guaranteed

Customers can also rest assured that they are getting a quality refurbished product - before being labelled as an ABB-certified remanufactured robot, every second-hand unit undergoes rigorous checks, including a detailed inspection and a minimum 16-hour functional test.

ABB’s remanufactures robots and spare parts come with a minimum of 12-month warranty. Guaranteeing the same quality as our new products.


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