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Group Sustainability Objectives 2014-2020

ABB’s structure of nine sustainability objectives demonstrates how we are addressing the issues identified in our last major materiality assessment conducted in 2013. For the past three years ABB has been reporting on progress in the form of our main activities and achievements towards our 2020 targets.

As a midpoint, the year 2017 presented an excellent opportunity to review whether our original measures and targets remained appropriate and relevant to the business and our stakeholders. In the closing months of the year, we conducted an internal review to solicit input from our stakeholder panel and our Executive Committee. After careful analysis, we agreed to streamline the number of measures we report on from 21 to 11, and to update the targets for the business to achieve by 2020. We also decided to create a new framework to group the nine objectives into three core themes.

Progress against the nine objectives is reported in the annual Group Sustainability Report.

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