ABB Ability™  for power plants and boilers

Reduce boiler startup cost by 15%, improve efficiency up to 1% and reduce NOx emission by 5 to 15% through remote services.

ABB Ability™ Power plants and boilers


The cost of equipment failure isn’t just measured by actual downtime. What adds to it are time and cost of getting the equipment functioning again, as well as the impact of the failure on all processes and outputs in the meantime. The math gets particularly large with core equipment, so maintaining the performance integrity of the entire system is key.

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Customer and industry need 

Once the equipment fails, it is key to get it up and running again as fast as possible and at the lowest possible cost. Forward-thinking companies are using data collection and analysis to understand root causes, predict future failures and make such events less frequent – and should they nonetheless occur, make their resolution less costly.

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The ABB Ability™ solutions

ABB Ability solutions for utilities can remotely monitor a plant and initiate notification should the performance in a unit degrade. This will prompt investigation, analysis and an according service recommendation at the Service Center. If necessary and available, potential use of standby unit(s) and/or other workarounds to maintain the performance integrity of the system will be initiated.
Tracking of standard KPIs and early detection of performance or stress deviations allow damage avoidance, while startup optimization brings the standby unit online at low cost/short timeframe, and combustion optimization maintains boiler efficiency with lower emissions.

An example: A 600-megawatt coal-fired unit is experiencing boiler performance degradation. As a result, an alarm is generated in the ABB Service Center that is remotely monitoring this plant.

After investigating performance and lifetime data, the root cause is identified to be a stress increase in the superheater steam section due to a leaking spray water valve. 
The ABB Service Center alerts the operator staff about the potential damage. After the unit is taken offline for predictive maintenance, the ABB Service Center recommends starting up a standby unit, which although older has been revamped with a startup and combustion optimization package.

ABB Ability Solutions for Power Generation:



The early detection of degradations allows damage to be avoided, thus reducing plant downtime and revenue losses. The shorter boiler startup also reduces startup costs, and combustion optimization reduces excess air from 1.25 to 1.22. This in turn increases boiler efficiency by 0.3% and reduces NOx emissions by 5%. NOx and SOx emission control costs are also lowered as a result.

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