Rewards and benefits

Consistent and fair

As a global company, we set common remuneration principles that are then translated into local packages.

We know that compensation is important and believe it should be fair and consistent.

Therefore, we apply a job evaluation methodology using consistent criteria to establish the value of a job. We have created a long-term remuneration strategy to continuously improve our offering and make our rewards and benefits as relevant and effective as possible.

Wherever you work for us, we strive to make sure your compensation is competitive and fair.


Our benefit programs encompass a wide array of offerings and typically include pension, life insurance, access to medical facilities, work-life balance programs (eg, flexible working hours or possibility to work from home), welfare programs (eg, medical screening), lifestyle benefits and others.  

The packages are built in a way that is compliant with the laws of the country and is competitive in the respective market conditions. 

Country careers sites may provide more detailed information on available local benefits.

Performance programs

We thrive on your performance, and our programs are aimed to increase employee interest in ABB’s business goals and results. 

Various programs, which are global and country-specific in nature, are positioned in line with respective market conditions and typically include share plans, profit sharing, rewards, sales incentives and so on.