S800L remote I/O

Compact, cost-effective I/Os for PLC applications in the process industry.

S800L I/O modules are cost-effective and space-saving, and also connect to any PLC or controller via Profibus. The modules are fully integrated with the AC 800M advanced process controller. In addition, its modules can be freely combined with high-performance S800 I/O modules to bring advanced field interface functionality into any S800L configuration.

The S800L I/O is a subset of the comprehensive S800 distributed process I/O system. The S800L offers the same full-featured signal interfacing and high availability but to cost effective level and a smaller foot print. It has robust mechanics, one-piece handling, easy mounting and smart connections saves time in all phases of installation. The S800L is fully compatible with S800 and can be mixed in any combination on the same bus. The I/O units can be attached directly to the AC 800M controller or distributed via the cost-effective fiber optic extension or via a PROFIBUS network.


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  • Economic and space-saving with an installation depth of 59 mm
  • Robust mechanics, one-piece handling, easy mounting and smart connections save your time in all phases of installation

  • Connect directly to the AC 800M or via a cost-efficient fiber optic extension

  • With the GSD file, S800L I/O can be used with any control system

  • An optional terminal strip, provides all needed terminals in the 16 channel case

  • Fully compatible with the comprehensive S800 I/O module assortment

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