FlexArc® - C

This cell can be equipped with up to three robots and is supplied with a complete set of security features.

The welding cell is offered in several variants, with options for the payload of the positioning device, the number of installed robots, the type of handling space security, and the roof structure. There is also a wide choice of equipment levels.


  1. Workpiece Positioner C -  twin station solution comes in two variants, designed to handle workpieces including fixture of a weight up to 1000 kg.   More info
  2. HMI and Flexpendant
  3. Horizontal and vertical light curtain - a protective feature that ensures the safety of the operator in the loading zone.
  4. Safety fencing - prevents unauthorized access to the robot workspace
  5. Fumehood - serves to ensure higher cell safety and extraction of fumes generated during welding
  6. Welding wire pack
  1. IRB 1600/2600/4600 - robots designed for applications requiring fast, repeatable and highly accurate movements
  2. IRC 5 - robot control system with motion control technologies
  3. Welding power source
  4. Lights – can be installed in either welding or loading zone
  5. TSC - with torch cleaner and tool center calibration (BullsEye®)
  6. Modular baseframe


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