FlexArc® - R

The best-selling ABB arc welding cells, the FlexArc-R can be equipped with either two or three robots and is supplied  with a comprehensive set of safety features.

The cell comes in two versions of the loading zone - light curtain or roll door.

Adaptive software plus the high-speed drives of ABB   positioners enable fast changeovers and high productivity.


  1. Workpiece Positioner R -   it is designed to handle workpieces including fixture of a weight up to 1000 kg.   More info
  2. HMI and Flexpendant
  3. Horizontal and vertical light curtain - a protective measure ensuring the safety of the operator in the loading zone
  4. Safety fencing - prevents unauthorized access to the robot workspace
  5. Fumehood - serves to ensure higher cell safety and extraction of fumes generated during welding
  6. Welding wire pack - 250 kg package of welding wire to deliver continuous welding
  1. IRB 1600/2600/4600 - robots designed for applications requiring fast, repeatable and highly accurate movements
  2. IRC 5 - robot control system with motion control technologies
  3. Welding power source – available range of brands proven by ABB
  4. TSC - with torch cleaner and tool center calibration (BullsEye®)
  5. Modular baseframe


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