FlexArc® TT

FlexArc® TT delivers all benefits of modern welding cells

- speed, accuracy, easy setup and control, easy maintenance.

FlexArc® TT is supplied as a single robot version only. The standard delivery includes equipment for automatic calibration and cleaning of the welding torch, giving easy and consistent maintenance to ensure the welding cell achieves maximum productivity.

  1. Revolving door -   Gives easy and safe access for unloading and re-loading the component.
  2. Control panel - Key functions including start the operation, switch the robot motors ON/OFF, emergency stop button, door-opening button
  3. Tables - (fixed or rotating) with load capacity up to 300 kg. Can handle components up to 500 × 500 mm.
  4. Safety fencing - prevents unauthorized access to the robot workspace
  5. Fumehood - ensures higher cell safety and extraction of fumes generated during welding.
  1. Welding wire pack - 250 kg package of welding wire to deliver continuous welding.
  2. IRB 1600/1600ID - robots designed for applications requiring fast, repeatable and highly accurate movements.
  3. IRC 5 - robot control system with motion control technologies.
  4. Welding power source – Part of the technology equipment.  A choice of welding equipment can be selected from the list of  verified brands.
  5. TSC - with torch cleaner and tool center calibration (BullsEye®).
  6. Baseframe


Fast installation

Fast installation and effective use of the working space - the cell is ready to operate within a few hours after delivery.

Compact design

Size of the cell (2.75 × 2.19 × 2.59 m) for effective use of production space. Selection of right/left hand-side orientation of the cell to suit its location within the working area.

Weight (approx. 1 850 kg)

Easy location of the cell with the use of a forklift.

Fixed stations (Table to table)

Tables with load capacity up to 300 kg.
Possibility to handle components up to 500 × 500 mm.


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