ABB cells for laser welding and cutting


Highly productive robotic cells with laser process technology are now widespread, especially in the car industry, where they are primarily used due to their ability to weld thin materials at high speeds.

Other applications in the area of laser technology that ABB is engaged in are laser cutting and cleaning. ABB supplies all these applications in the form of robotic cells, which are assembled from specially designed modules. Depending on the requisite application, the robotic cell can be equipped with the following technologies:
Laser welding without additional material

A laser welding head with a fixed optic or scanning head

Cold wire laser welding / Laser hybrid welding

A laser head with wire feeder, typically for welding aluminium alloys

Laser brazing

A special application similar to cold wire laser welding. The difference is that only the filler wire is melted by the laser beam. The base material is not melted.

Laser cleaning

A process based on the principle of short laser pulses for cleaning oxides, paints, greases and other layers without affecting the base material.

Laser cutting

An application on the robot that ensures high flexibility compared to 5-axis CNC machines. Typically applied to hot-pressed or hydraulically formed parts (A-pillars, B-pillars of passenger cars)

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