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Expanding possibilities for fast, flexible and efficient order handling

The FlexBuffer™ is a modular cell, that offers additional functionality to the traditional automated storage and retrieval systems.

The robot is at the heart of the system, which makes it a very reliable and low maintenance alternative.

FlexBuffer™ brings new levels of flexibility for a wide range of logistics, food and beverage, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, restaurants and retail applications. Comprising of an ABB robot, a suite of grippers, a software package, storage racking and infeed and outfeed conveyors, that feeds and dispatches goods, FlexBuffer™ offers a highly adaptable multi-functional solution for fast and efficient handling of tasks such as sequencing, buffering, storage and order consolidation.

Key benefits


Highly flexible system able to handle a wide variety of items.


Easy and quick to configure, implement and maintain thanks to integrated advanced software.


Multi- functional system that can handle sequencing, buffering, storage and order consolidation applications.


High sequencing throughput of up to 500 cycles an hour.



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