OmniVance™ Machining Cell


Fully integrated solution for a diverse range of applications

Achieve endless possibilities with the OmniVance Machining Cell. The first standardized solution of its kind, the OmniVance Machining Cell is the ideal solution for manufacturers with frequently changing needs.


Key benefits

Engineered to perfection

Based on a real-life stress test of over 2000 cells, the OmniVance Machining Cell is a highly durable solution with the capability to operate continuously for 20,000 hours in harsh conditions before maintenance.

Excellence simplified

90 percent of all components are already built into the OmniVance Machining Cell, dramatically speeding up installation time and reducing the potential of errors during setup.

Ultimate flexibility

The standardized design enables the cell to process up to it 8 different applications in a single cell, helping manufacturers meet changing market needs.

Superior value with Machining Software

The OmniVance Machining Cell can be extended with the Machining Software – an intuitive solution integrated with auto-calibration and path-tuning functions to further simplify machining setup and operations.

Easy expansion

The new design enables customers to easily create production lines with the new Machining Cell.


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