Conveyor Tracking Module

Advanced and high-speed dynamic tracking

One Conveyor Tracking Module (CTM module) has connections for up to 4 robots, 4 conveyors and 8 cameras. This not only reduces field wiring by 60%, but also reduces the total integration costs and streamlines installation.

Fastest tracking speed available
ABB’s advanced conveyor tracking module delivers market leading tracking speeds that enable highspeed picking, packing, and palletizing for significantly increased productivity. The module offers tracking speeds of up to 1.7 meters per second and 100 meters per minute.

Variable and circular tracking for flexible installation
With support for variable and circular tracking, the advanced conveyor tracking module ensures flexible installation and enables customers to handle a wide variety of packages for mass customization. The module’s tracking speed can be adjusted from variable to constant, and constant to variable. Moreover, it features reachable targets to enable picking at higher and more variable conveyor speeds, which provides higher pick rates and eliminates sporadic reach errors. Regarding circular tracking, the module supports tracking in radians, which can be adjusted from circular to inline flow, and from inline to circular flow.

Required parts reduced from 12 to 1
For a four-robot, three-conveyor system, the number of required conveyor tracking modules decreases from 12 to 1. Additionally, field wiring is decreased by 60%, streamlining installation and lowering total integration costs.
Multiple I/O connectors for easy integration
The module also features multiple connectors for integrating up to 8 cameras/sensors and 4 conveyors/ encoders. The advanced conveyor tracking module can be easily integrated with PickMaster, RobotWare 6, and all ABB robots. It is suitable for all markets, including Food & Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Logistics , Automotive parts handling, 3C assembly, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Devices.

Supports convenient expansion
The advanced conveyor tracking module supports a scalable solution for convenient expansion. Customers can configure the modules to support specific interfaces according to their usage requirements, for example 16 conveyors (4 CTMs) and 4 robots (scalable to 40).

Key features and benefits

  • The fastest tracking speed
  • Superior tracking performance
  • Variable and circular tracking
  • Reduced the number of tracking modules
  • Reduced total integration cost
  • Support all ABB robots

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