Motor Units

ABB is offering well-proven and pre-engineered motor unit packages that are more cost efficient and much easier to integrate with robots and robot controllers

Expanded possibilities
ABB is offering standardized motor unit packages complete with cablings, serial measurement board (SMB) box and safety options. The portfolio of six different motor units between 2.5-50 Nm max dynamic torque offers vast possibilities for positioners, track motion rails, indexing conveyers, servo guns and other external axis applications.

Standardized solutions
All motor unit versions are already used in ABB’s range of high-quality positioners and robots, so integrators can rest assured that the motor units are tested and proven parts that are pre-engineered to work perfectly in combination with other ABB equipment. And because they are standard, the motor units are cost efficient and easily available as spare parts.

Easily integrated
The motor unit offer includes CAD models that allow engineers to easily incorporate the motor units into their system designs. These are particularly suited to ABB’s own easy-to-use RobotStudio software, which can support every aspect of a system (e.g., motion control, application design, execution, and communication), as well as RobotWare and RobotWare Arc.

By using the RobotWare tool TuneMaster, an integrator building a customized positioner can tune both motor and gear unit parameters in order to achieve an improved motion performance in less time. 

In arc welding for example, TuneMaster facilitates tuning of robot and positioner interaction for improved welding results. For optimal motion control, ABB offers an extensive standard positioner program with dynamic models available.

Complete package
The accompanying flexible cables simplify integration of motor units into designs where the motor frequently shifts position, and end customers benefit from the fact that these cables are proven to last much longer. The units are also available with serial measurement boxes, push buttons for brake release and axis selectors for greater safety and control.

Enhanced productivity in implementation and production by using ABB’s well-proven and documented motor unit solutions, integrators can save time on projects, especially during the proposal, simulation, planning, engineering, purchasing, installation, commissioning and documentation phases. Depending on the scope of the project, those time savings could add up to hours, days or even weeks. The unique Connected Services option monitors error messages from the motor units to guarantee the best possible uptime of your system and immediate response in case of an unplanned stop.

Global support
With more than 40 years of experience in robotics, ABB has sales and service organizations in 53 countries.

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