2K Mixer

Precision Paint Mixing - Designed for precision and flexibility

Flexible design
Our 2K mixers have a modular design and features high flexibility in number of colors and
catalysts. The 2K mixer is available in combination with 1 or 2 catalysts with or without dump.

The 2K mixer is mounted on a DIN rail, making it easy to expand without adding mounting holes. 

These are our standard models:
  • 1 color + 1 catalyst
  • 1 color w/dump + 1 catalyst
  • 2 colors + 1 catalyst
  • 2 colors + 2 catalysts
  • 2 colors w/dump + 1 catalyst
  • 2 colors w/dump + 2 catalysts w/dump

The standard models have 24 mixing elements. Please contact your ABB sales office if you need more colors or mixing elements. 
Fast color change
ABB's 2K mixers are specifically designed for fast color change. The internal bores of the 2K mixers have no "dead ends", reducing the cleaning cycle to a minimum. Check valves are separating the "valve area" for catalyst and color, eliminating hardening and growth of mixed material in this section.

For models with 2 colors or catalysts, the dump line gives the opportunity to load the next color while painting. this reduces the color change time to a minimum when the supply line is long. 

Easy maintenance
There are no movable parts in the 2K mixer itself. The only wearing parts are the 2/2 fluid valve and the mixing elements. Since the fluid valve is modular, it can be taken out easily for maintenance - without disconnecting any fluid hoses. Mounted on a DIN rail the 2K mixer is easy to remove for maintenance.

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