Gear Pump

Precision Gear Pump

ABB’s precision paint pumps are specifically designed for fast color change. With the unique shaft cleaning function, fast and outstanding cleaning results are achieved. During flushing and loading there is a bypass function around the gearwheels, in parallel to an internal flushing of gearwheels and shafts.

ABB’s Pump Technology
ABB's precision gear pumps are available in these models:
  • 1.2 CCM/REV.
  • 3.0 CCM/REV.
  • 6.0 CCM/REV.
The wearing parts are of hardened Stainless Steel to withstand a wide variety of paints.
Two different steel qualities are prepared for Waterborne and Solvent based paints.

All pump models have the same outer dimensions regarding system-integration, and are therefore interchangeable.
Modular Design
The modular pump design consists of four main parts:
Pump Body - including gearwheels and pump shaft
Pressure Sensor Block - including all external connections
Cleaning Adapter - including three valves for Bypass and internal flushing of gearwheels
Pump Block - including shaft sealing

Easy Maintenance
The pump can be dismounted from the application without disconnecting any external hoses or cables.
All external hoses and cables are connected to the Pressure Sensor Block. By loosening four screws, the Pressure Sensor Block is disconnected. Quick release of the pump from the system is done by loosening 2 screws. This design allows very fast maintenance, MTTR < 15 min.

Since the pressure sensors are not dismounted from the block while changing the pump, there is no need of re-calibration.

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