IRBT 7004 for IRB 7600

ABB's Track Motion is designed modularized to be able support different market needs

It is adapted for the large robot families IRB 4X00, IRB 66XX, IRB 6700 and IRB 7600.

The track motion has a unique performance. This is possible thanks to a build in motion planning that considers all dynamic forces when planning combined path for the robot and track motion.

This gives best in class for: Cycle time, top speed and path accuracy.

The track motion offers the following standard features:
  • Performance best in class
  • Simple, robust and compact design   
    - Many common modules for complete range        
    - Easy to adjust at start up        
    - The same mechanical footprint of the track for all supported robot models        
    - Standard, Mirrored and Double carriages        
  • Support for a wide range of applications

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