Workpiece Positioners

ABB offers a comprehensive range of Workpiece Positions which enable fully coordinated movement with the robot when programming

The positioners are easy to use with clear, simple instructions for programing. They employ the same drive systems and software as ABB robots.

The dynamic High Performance Positioner (HPP) software automatically compensates for the effects of gravity, inertia and friction to provide fast movements and accurate path following. The built-in robot software, Load Identification (LoadID), is used for calculating the dynamic performance of the positioners complete with parts and tooling. The positioners are ideal for manipulating workpieces during applications such as Arc Welding and Cutting.

Shorter cycle times
The new range of workpiece positioners uses dynamic modeling software to keep cycle times to a minimum. The dynamic model automatically compensates for the effects of gravity, inertia and friction. The built-in Load Identification function (LoadID) calculates both the center of gravity and the inertia of the workpiece and fixture. These calculations ensure fast movements with rapid acceleration, re-orientation and accuracy when following programmed paths.

ABB workpiece positioners can also be supplied with all the necessary safety equipment – and with a modular design and just a few robust moving parts, these service-friendly positioners require very little maintenance.

Various projects are requesting Non-Standard Positioners
In order to fulfill specific requests from customers, ABB has the capacity to design and build customized positioners through our worldwide network of Regional Application Centers.
  • Stiff, and reliable structure
  • 100% load unbalance
  • High accuracy in positioning
Welding of Large and Heavy parts
More and more parts with complex dimensions and heavier payloads are robot welded. As a result, a robot’s working volume and positioner capacity, in terms of load and dimensions, must be increased.

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