IRC5P Paint - Industrial robot controller


Designed for painting

IRC5P integrates our high speed process control, IPS, with ABB’s superior motion technology. This provides full control of the paint process, cuts down cycle time and saves paint as well as the environment.

IRC5P comprises the Ex-certified FlexPaint Pendant and the next level in paint cell supervision – RobView.

The system automatically adapts to the paint application configuration according to the actual installation. This helps you set up and configure RobView, RobotWare Paint, PLC mapping and IPS.
  • Provides full control of the paint process by integrating hardware and software seamlessly
  • Reduces cycle time, saves paint, and is environmentally-friendly.
  • Is certified as an associated equipment for interfacing manipulators/equipment for hazardous location.
  • The IRC5P FlexPaint Pendant is Ex certified for use in hazardous locations; includes soft keys, a dual joystick, a 3.5 inch back lit screen; supports Asian language characters and has an emergency stop.
  • Includes RobView 5, which automatically adapts the robot system to the specific paint application.


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