IRB 1090 industrial education robot


Elevate your teaching, inspire your students

80% of education professionals have said robots and automation will shape the future of employment over the next ten years. Responding to growing demand in education, the IRB 1090 industrial education robot is designed exclusively for educators and students to gain industry-relevant robotic and automation skills that are important to their future careers.

Join the future of education with the IRB 1090 education robot!


How do we prepare the future workforce?

New production techniques

OmniCore controller brings increasing functionalities.

Programming skills

100 free RobotStudio® premium licenses included with the purchase of the IRB 1090 robot.

Industry-relevant skills

Educating how robotic automation can be deployed across different sectors and applications, such as automotive, electronics, food & beverage.


Key benefits

The latest functionality

The future-proof IRB 1090 industrial education robot together with the OmniCore E10 ultra slim controller, brings increasing functionalities to enable students to hone their skills on the latest production techniques on the market such as motion control, TrueMove, QuickMove, Externally Guided Motion, and energy-saving power grid feedback solutions.

100 free RobotStudio licenses

100 free RobotStudio premium licenses are included with the purchase of the IRB 1090 robot. Any teacher at a school can get 100 free RobotStudio licenses to use in their classroom. RobotStudio is a virtual tool that students can use to learn the fundamentals of robot programming, even before buying a physical robot.

Authenticated by

The IRB 1090 education robot, equipped with the prestigious authentication, is designed to empower students, providing them with a distinct edge in future employment endeavors.

Easy to move and install

The IRB 1090 offers 580mm reach and 3.5kg payload, coupled with a 10% smaller footprint and 20% reduction in weight compared to its predecessor*, providing the ability to easily move the robot, and save on installation space.

Design varied educational cells

Educational institutions, robot resellers, and system integrators can design and customize a variety of application cells, such as assembly, material handling, picking, placing, and testing. This can include different accessories such as vision cameras, grippers, working pieces, pedestals, and moveable carts to meet specific requirements.

Various software packages

The IRB 1090 complements ABB's current educational portfolio, which includes the Robotics Education Package, industrial, and collaborative robots, along with various software packages, such as Wizard easy programming, Robot Control Mate and RobotStudio® AR Viewer App.


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