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The ABB Robotics Education Package is a ready-to-use training kit that equips students with key skills and knowledge in robotics and automation, preparing them to excel in a future of work where robots are as common as laptops today.

The package features a collaborative robot Cell, student-friendly coursework, and a globally recognized STEM that enables students, anywhere in the world, to get hands-on experience in robotics.

Designed by experts at ABB in collaboration with educators, the ABB Robotics Education Package provides a strong foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), no matter the student’s educational background.


What’s in the package?

Easy to Use Education Cell

This turnkey STEM education cell is ideal for technical training at universities, trade schools, and workforce development organizations.

Comprehensive Course Material

A broad array of real-world robotics concepts and applications, designed for both students and teachers.

STEM certification programs

A globally recognized training certificate that boosts students’ employment prospects across the world and increases appeal of the education institute.


Key benefits

Bridge the skills gap

Designed by experts at ABB in collaboration with educators, the package is an easy-to-understand interface for students to discover and learn industrial concepts and skills.

Empower your educators

The ready-to-use turnkey package allows educators to swiftly integrate high-quality robotics training into your existing programs, allowing you to focus on delivering instructions that meet the needs of
your students.

Customize curriculum

Additional advanced training lessons are included in the package so teachers can adapt the course to match students’ skill levels.

Learn from the leaders

Access a world-class portfolio of hardware and software and learn from the best in robotics through comprehensive training and support.

Create careers out of curiosity

Easy-to-use cobots and intuitive software encourage students from all streams of education to explore the possibilities of robotics.

Enhance employment opportunities

Students receive training in real-life industrial applications and pick up occupational skills that make them more marketable to potential employers.


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