Handling Functional Module


A complete handling system

ABB Handling Functional Module is a package of solutions for handling products between different stations, robots or similar.

The system package combines the best hardware, software, and electrical modules available for high quality performance and optimum production in handling applications. The handling process is configurable for different types of gripper solutions and includes several prepared commands.

A complete ready-to-use package
Handling Functional Module is specifically designed to be a ready-to-use and reliable solution for handling applications. All hardware, software and electrical modules needed to complete a function module are included. The components are designed and configured to easily interface with each other. The system uses a software platform where customer unique features also can be configured.

In addition to our standard package, we also offer custom packages designed around your specific needs.


Key benefits

Flexible modular design configurable to meet specific process requirements.
Ready-to-use system, delivered tested, configured, and validated allowing short start up and commissioning.
Single supplier of robot and application equipment guarantees simultaneous delivery and verified system functionality
Configurable set up for gripper functions depending on equipment and use.
Standardized commands for the most common gripper functionalities such as clamping, part sensing, vacuum etc.


The Handling functional module contains

Besides the robot, the components in the Handling Functional Module includes DressPack Lean ID, IRC5 controller, handling software, and media panel (air) unit. Also includes all hardware components needed to connect the modules above, such as cables and hoses.

In addition to our standard package we also offer custom packages designed around your specific needs.

Media panel (air)

Media panel air unit is fitted on the base of the robot and contains components air distribution and control within the Handling Functional Module. It is controlled from the robot controller via the handling software. The capacity and functionality depend on the choice of different options.

Handling software

The handling software is simple and has complete functionality but is still flexible to adaption for specific needs. It contributes with reliability and quality in the production.

Tool changer

Tool changer will improve robot flexibility, giving the possibilities of quick changes between different tools. Last generation of automatic smart tool changers, as well as manual tool changers are available as an option and can be ordered upon request.


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