Integrated Dispensing Function Package


Robot gluing and sealing system

Gluing and sealing technologies are steadily gaining importance as more and more complex components, made from a variety of materials, need to be combined. This new design trend is accompanied by a growing demand for quality, flexibility and productivity in the manufacturing process.

Automated robot stations can meet these requirements with the correct dispensing equipment and control structure. To do so, the robot and dispensing control system must be synchronized to ensure high performance and consistent quality. ABB’s Integrated Dispensing Function Package integrates the entire dosing control system with the IRC5 robot controller. Utilizing the IRC5’s internal trajectory motion planning, precise dispensing – up to 96 ml/s at robot speeds of up to 1000 mm/s – is now possible. Using a double doser, it is possible to apply materials as long as desired.

Completely integrated solution

The ABB Integrated Dispensing Function Package includes a complete set of dispensing components such as electrically driven dosers, applicators, hoses, material temperature conditioning units and, when necessary, pumps for material supply. All control logic is integrated into the IRC5. The system automatically takes the available information into account and can control as many as four dosers. These dosers can run individually, in tandem for continuous application, or in collaboration for 2k application. A vision system can be incorporated for positioning and quality control.

Time and cost savings
ABB’s Integrated Dispensing Function Package enables the robot to operate up to three times faster than existing solutions. This higher processing speed allows for much shorter cycle times and increased productivity.


Reliable quality

The Integrated Dispensing Function Package’s precision accuracy ensures bead quality independent of the robot’s speed. The control structure automatically takes the robot’s motion into account to precisely switch the applicator at the beginning and end of each bead. In addition the flow is adjusted according to the robot speed. For process supervision the dispensed volume is monitored.


The Integrated Dispensing Function Package from ABB reduces complexity by eliminating third party interfaces. Bead related parameters are set directly in the robot’s motion program so that adjusting and optimizing them becomes easier and more economical. An important feature to facilitate easy commissioning and maintenance is the overview of all relevant process data on the Flex Pendant GUI. It is simple and easy to operate and can be customised from the day it is commissioned.


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