Non-overspray for two-tone painting

ABB’s PixelPaint non-overspray technology eliminates the need for time-consuming masking and demasking methods for two-tone painting in the automotive industry, significantly reducing time and costs, improving productivity, and expanding possibilities for customized paint schemes to meet customer demand.

Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding individualized paint schemes for their vehicles, featuring either a contrast color or a personalized paint finish or design. Satisfying this demand is now made easier with ABB’s PixelPaint solution, which incorporates an inkjet head, dosing control package, an IRB 5500 paint robot and easy-to-use RobotStudio programming software for two-tone and decorative painting applications.

Key benefits

Meets consumer demand for customization
Eliminates the double cycle time required for two-tone applications
Removes costly and manual masking/demasking
Paint complicated images with high resolution.


Unmasks the future of customized automotive painting

No masking required
Previously, applying a contrast color on to bodywork required masking between paint processes. This needed up to 20 operators per shift, with two people to remove the masking when the second coat was complete. ABB’s PixelPaint non-overspray two-tone painting application removes the need for manual masking/demasking, significantly cutting the time and material required for two-tone paint jobs. 

Significant cuts in CAPEX and OPEX 
Wastage from overspray is also eliminated. With 100 percent of the paint being applied to the bodywork surface, there is zero overspray, greatly reducing operational costs and improving environmental performance by ensuring that no paint is lost to the drain.

Increasing productivity from 20 to 100%.
Previously, adding a second color to a vehicle body would mean having to make two runs through the paint shop, doubling cycle times and requiring additional operators to carry out masking and de-masking. By enabling the two-tone paint job to be applied on a single run, PixelPaint makes it possible to improve productivity from 20 to 100 percent. In addition, savings running into millions of dollars can be achieved by eliminating the need to build an extra paint shop to do the two-tone application as well as the consequent utilities savings resulting from reduced power, water and compressed air consumption.

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