IRB 6660FX

The IRB 6660FX raises the bar in Press Automation to provide customers with more flexibility at greater speeds while saving precious press-shop floor space.

Linear part transfer
By integrating a dual action unit into the IRB 6660, ABB creates the IRB 6660FX, a 7-axis robot for the transfer of medium size parts rapidly along a linear path. As a result, vibrations created when parts are rotated 180° by the conventional 6-axis robot are eliminated.

In the case of new press lines, inter-press distance can be reduced as parts are transferred without having to be rotated.

Dynamic model control
The IRB 6660FX is also equipped with integrated dynamic model control to ensure the that all seven axes are coordinated and operating at optimum speed and lifetime.

User-friendly programming interface
The IRB 6660FX is programmed the same way as its 6-axis counterpart is. Additionally, it can be programmed using ABB’s StampWare.

Currently running in more than 1,000 units worldwide, StampWare is a family of controller software designed to make you more productive by minimizing the learning time and setup time of new production. The modularized program structure, the program wizard and the graphical production window decrease the time for training that the operator and robot programmer need. As a result, production is more efficient during installation, production set-up and optimizing of the robot cycle.

Optimized performance with carbon fiber tooling
The IRB 6660 FX’s carbon fiber tooling increases output thanks to its specially designed shape which has been optimized for tool height. As a result it can be placed into the die at lower press openings.

Main applications:

  • Press automation



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