ABB Press Automation Tooling

ABB Tooling is focused on achieving the optimum performance of the automation process. ABB modular tooling concept combines Carbon Fiber for structural components with Aluminum components for adaption to each specific part.

Carbon Fiber (CF) tooling improves process performance due
to a dramatic reduction of deflection, vibrations and weight.
Additionally the ABB design features a reduced height, which
has a positive impact on cycle times. Aluminum components
for adaption to different parts are connected to CF structural
components by quick change systems.

The wide range of modular components has been designed to
reduce project risks, time and set up costs.

Carbon Fiber Boom
The CF Boom is an extension of the robot arm: it remains
attached to the robot wrist during production changeover. It’s
only used in 6-axis robot applications. With a length of 1450
mm, it is dimensioned to handle up to 100 kg.

Carbon Fiber Gondola arm
The CF Gondola arms are common components for both
6- and 7-axis robots. Additionally an Automatic Tool Change
(ATC) can be added to match either CF boom or 7 -axis units.
Two manual tool changers will allow the attachment of partspecific
aluminum tooling.

The CF Gondola arm has two lengths variants:
1000 mm and 1400 mm.

Main advantages:
  • Optimum stiffness/weight ratio
  • Slim profile: reduced height to minimize press occupation
  • Unified component for 6-axis and 7-axis robots
  • Enabled for automatic tool change (ATC)
  • Up to 8 vacuum channels
  • Ergonomy smaller tooling to be manipulated
  • Less components and storage room

For additional data, please see the data sheet.


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