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Twin Robot Xbar (TRX)

High speed flexible part transfer for inter-press automation

ABB has been developing robot based solutions for press automation since the 1990s. After successfully launching 7-axis robots, ABB presents the Twin Robot Xbar – TRX.

With a production output rate of up to 16 parts per minute (spm) in tandem press lines, fast and flexible part transfer in a straight trajectory, the TRX is perfectly suited for the high speed press automation segment.

Flexible robot-based solution for high speed segment
The TRX from ABB is the fastest robot-based solution in the market, for loading and unloading of presses, without the need for press modification. It can be retro-fitted to existing press lines, setting it apart from other systems which require additional space between the upright and bolster. The TRX can fit different crossbar types and lengths.

User-friendly programming interface
The TRX runs on the well-established StampWare platform. The proprietary software package from ABB is designed to facilitate interaction between operator and press cell. Available on the robot FlexPendant for maximum simplicity, flexibility, and cost effectiveness, StampWare includes a graphical programming wizard that helps operators easily program the robots without having to master the programming language.

Main application:
  • Press automation


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