Ultrasonic Spot Welding Quality Inspection


A true technology pioneer

Improve and simplify your processes. Assurance quality. Reduce costs. Take advantage of Industry 4.0.

A complete automatized ready-to-use solution for quality inspection of spot welds based on ultrasonic technology. Easy to scale due to its modular implementation, can be introduced into production line flow and in separate cells. It provides a high inspection rate and efficiency due to short cycle time per spot weld. This enables a significant potential in saving manual measurement.


Fully automated solution with cost reduction

Automated and reliable solution that allows to increase capacity 10 times than manual processing while assurance quality.

  • Quality assurance
  • Cost reduction
  • Repeatability
A modular solution easy to scale

Complete solution delivered with all components fully integrated, ready to be introduced in
your production line. Easy to scale due to modular implementation.

  • Standardized integrated solution, ready-to-use
  • Modular concept, flexible to your processes
  • Can be introduced into production line flow and in separate cells
  • Standard and custom cells available
High productivity and Industry 4.0 enabler

Changes your way of working by improving and simplifying your processes and enabling Industry 4.0.   

  • High inspection rate
  • Allows data analysis, traceability and to see trends
  • Easy-to-use and tune through wizard set up
  • Full reporting and analyzing tool allowing early detection of deviations


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