The ABB GateFramer is the most flexible and modular car body framing solution available. Designed for accurate and fast production it delivers consistently high quality parts with reliable performance. The ABB GateFramer allow for different car models to be produced on the same production line. This is done by swapping different gates. Each gate holds different car model's tooling.


Key features

Flexibility in your production

The GateFramer is able to frame up to 6 different car models. This allows multiple car models to be produced on the same production line thus reusing the investment across these models. It also allows the introduction of future models onto the same line.
The GateFramer can run fully random production with a constant gate changeover time. There is no effect to the cycle time of the production line.

Modular design

The GateFramer is a modular concept. New car models can be added over time with no effect to the existing production. This allows gradually investment over time as more flexibility can be introduced when needed.

Simpler, faster and safer

The GateFramer is the simplest framing system available to date. All motion is controlled through the ABB Robot controller, the IRC5. The GateFramer uses the IRC5’s advanced coordinated motion and multi-tasking abilities, removing this complexity from the operator and programmer. This makes operation of the machine simpler, safer and faster.

Standardized and easy to maintain

The Gate Framer replaces custom made framing machines with a reliable robust product. Its standardized design is validated, and uses proven components and technology. The result is higher up-time of the production line. The offering includes fully product support, comprehensive documentation, maintenance information and spare parts.


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