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From stack to rack

ABB’s press automation solutions help our customers maximize press shop productivity. By seamlessly integrating presses and robots into an integrated ecosystem, we can help optimize output, flexibility, availability and reliability without compromising safety or quality.

ABB’s deep experience in robot press automation allows us to focus on the things that matter most to our customers: well-proven systems that optimize productivity, easy-to-use automation systems that remove complexity, and cost-effective solutions that help lower fixed costs.

The ABB portfolio of solutions covers the complete value chain across the press shop including cost-efficient blanking solutions, flexible front-of-line destackers for aluminum and steel, fast interpress automation, scalable end-of-line rackings, plug-and-produce press cells and highly efficient and reliable press lines for cold and hot stamping. Our globally connected and collaborative team enables us to support our customers worldwide. From concept design phase up to start of production and operation support we stand by our customers to answer all their needs.

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End of line

After the stamping process the parts are transferred to an end of line conveyor enabling the visual or automatic part inspection. Finally the part is racked into specific containers. The robotic ABB Racking solutions integrate the end of line processes to drive quality and ergonomics to the highest industry standards.

Front of line

The front of line is the key for a fast, flexible and reliable line. It includes the blank de-stacking, the centering and the oiling and washing operations. ABB offers diverse FOL solutions depending on the production needs.

Hot stamping line

ABB state-of-the-art automation for hot stamping offers minimum furnace-to-press transfer times and thus optimum conditions for the stamping.

Interpress cells

The goal of the ABB press automation is obtaining the maximum line output by means of robotic solutions for fast, flexible, easy-to-use and reliable press-to-press part transfer. The ABB offering include 6-Axis, 7-Axis and Twin robots to adapt to our customer production needs and technical requirements.

StampPack: Press Cell automation

With a standardized interface, StampPack® creates an easy connection of the robot to one or more presses, of any type and size, including multiple step stamping. The result is a fully automated production cell, set up in record time and ready to start producing.

Tandem press lines

The ABB press lines are fast, flexible and easy-to-use. Our press lines integrate presses and robots into an ecosystem which optimizes the output, availability and reliability without compromising safety or quality. To fit our customer production needs and technical requirements our offering include 6-Axis, 7-Axis and TRX Lines to fit our customer needs.

Press Refurbishment and Motion

ABB offers a complete products and services portfolio for press refurbishment to improve productivity of presses and stay competitive at the actual market. Worldwide range of services to update existing equipment or manufacture new components to improve productivity, reliability and maintainability is included in our scope.


DDC is a servo-drive concept that allows new and existing presses to take full advantage of servo technology with limited peak power.


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