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Challenge: Eliminate all the manual forklifts and increase safety.

Solution: Installation of 60 AMRs to automate all of the logistic flows inside the engine plant.

Material handling automation within assembly and machining lines
  • A total of 60 Flexley Tug AMR T702 mobile robots have been used to automate the line supply, kitting and end-of-line processes at the engine plant. Thanks to their high pulling capacity, low profile and bidirectional movement, the T702 AMRs are highly versatile, being able to automate the processes of transporting trolleys with raw material to the machining line, machined parts and sequenced parts to the assembly line and finished product to the quality station for later storage on the shipping area. The mobile robots are guided by magnetic or SLAM navigation, depending on the application.
    • With this AMR system, it has been possible to increase the plant's safety, as manual forklifts have been eliminated and replaced by autonomous vehicles equipped with safety elements that allow them to work collaboratively with the operators. In addition, the installation of AMRs increases the plant's efficiency, both in terms of processes and energy efficiency, as they require less energy.

    The machines in the plant are connected to the AMRs via the server, fully automatically managing the routes. In addition, operators give inputs to the server via tablets or keypads, confirming certain steps for the AMRs to follow their routes and process.


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