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Reliable and high-quality solutions to automate and optimize the transportation of your goods

Optimal material stock handling and goods transportation thanks to just-in-time and accurate goods delivery. Solutions for your entire intralogistics operations, from production to storage processes, fresh goods, and temperature-controlled environments. Easily traceable and scalable systems that can quickly and efficiently react to promotions and customer demands.


99.9% Traceability on goods movement
Up to 24% faster time to market
Up to 19% reduction in operating costs


How we help our customers

Pimad-Grupo Bimbo

Challenge: Efficient transportation of finished products and storage optimization.

Solution: Supply of 2 stacker AMRs with laser guidance and automatic battery interchange system and a WMS.


Automation of warehouse movements
  • The AMRs are equipped with long forks that allow them to transport 4 pallets simultaneously, reducing the number of journeys needed and maximizing the efficiency of the installation.
  • The vehicles automate the flow of finished products from the wrapper machines to the warehouse, allowing the goods to be stored accurately on ground level, optimizing the available space. Similarly, vehicles feed the line with empty pallets for an uninterrupted goods flow operation, allowing the optimization of operations and just-in-time delivery.
  • In addition, this solution includes a warehouse management system to maintain the traceability of the storage locations.
  • The system communicates both with the plant’s ERP and with the end of lines to reliably generate and execute orders.

Through our monitoring systems, it is possible to visualize, at any given moment, the operations performed by the AMRs in real-time, as well as the current state of the system.


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