AMR solutions for Manufacturing

Groundbreaking solutions to increase your flexibility and production capacity

Automate the transportation of raw material, WIP, waste materials, and finished goods to optimize your flows and ensure the safety of your staff and products. Our AMRs perform just-in-time delivery and removal so that your plant can work at maximum efficiency. Lower your operation costs and achieve a fast return on your investment with our mobile robots.


25-30% increase in production capacity
Up to 18% faster time to market
20% reduction in operational costs


How we help our customers


Challenge: Increase our customer’s productivity through a scalable and flexible automated system.

Solution: Installation of two stacker AMRs from the Flexley Stack range to transport pallets of finished products from the lines to a floor-level storage area and one Flexley Tug AMR to automate the transportation of auxiliary materials to the lines.

Automation of intralogistics flows between end of lines and the packing area
  • The scalability of our systems has allowed the project to be easily extended from one to two stacker AMRs, thus meeting our customer’s productive capacity.
  • The AMRs are fully equipped with safety elements which, combined with the laser and magnetic guidance systems, provide a safe and reliable transportation of goods, guaranteeing the integrity of the loads.

Moreover, in this project, two different AMR models coexist in the same installation, which allows an automation of different logistic flows enabling our customer to achieve a 25% increase in productivity.



Challenge: Design a solution for our customer to increase their efficiency, covering the entire value chain, from consulting and definition to installation

Solution: Integration of 2 stacker AMRs with laser guidance for the automation of the following processes: storage of incoming products, feeding of the production line, and transportation of the finished product to the shipping area.

Movement automation of all materials in the manufacturing plant

  • The AMRs are equipped with a barcode reader to facilitate product traceability at any time and the management of storage location.
  • The result is a scalable and flexible system that can be adapted to the customer’s production capacity.

We have accompanied the customer throughout the whole process, taking part in the flow selection assessment and creating a solution that allows the customer to have better control over their goods and improve their processes.


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