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Up to 16% reduction in operational costs
20-30% faster time to market
Return on investment <1 year


How we help our customers


Challenge: Provide a turnkey solution for the automation of internal logistics to improve production flows.

Solution: Installation of one counterbalanced AMR for the movement of goods between palletization machines to the storage area.

Automation of the transportation of semi-finished and finished products from production machines to warehouses

  • The project consists of the transportation of goods between palletization machines in the storage area, as well as improve the control and management IT system for receiving end of line signals and generating pick up orders.
  • Additionally, for this project, two PDAs were included as a communication tool between the personnel and the system, allowing the workers to ascertain when a warehouse rack is empty or to carry out manual movements of pallets between locations. The user selects the operation on the PDA, indicating the location where the AMR will pick the pallet and the delivery location.
  • The AMR is laser-guided, which provides great precision and guarantees the integrity of the transported materials and the route the AMR will take.

Furthermore, the vehicles boast all the necessary safety elements for problem-free coexistence with operators. In this way, we have increased our customer’s productivity by automating their internal logistics and relocating operators to areas where they could contribute more efficiently.


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