AMR solutions for Pharma and Cosmetics

Intelligent intralogistics automation to comply with the standards of the sector

Navigating through your logistics process flows, our AMRs allow you to transport and trace your goods with greater accuracy and reliability in order to achieve completely risk-free operations. We take your productivity to the next level, thus giving your business a significant competitive edge in the market.


Up to 40% reduction in operational costs
20-30% faster time to market
99.9% Traceability on goods movement


How we help our customers


Challenge: Adaptable system to manage entry and exit flows in the automated warehouse.

Solution: Automation of finished product and raw material transportation.

Integration of fork AMRs with laser guidance for the transportation of raw materials to production lines and the delivery of the finished products to the warehouse

  • Thanks to the scalability and adaptability of the solution, and due to the customer’s production needs, the project was easily able to include more vehicles up to the five currently in operation.
  • The vehicles are recharged by an online battery charging system that uses periods of inactivity to carry out partial battery recharges, thus allowing 24/7 operating time.

Moreover, in this project, we incorporated a software solution that allowed a visual control of the company’s operations, providing system performance traceability. By means of this tool, it is possible to monitor a system from anywhere, which is very useful for remote plant management.


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