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For secured uptime and optimized performance

Connect your ABB robot today to Connected Services to start unlocking advanced services for up to 25% fewer incidents and 60% faster response time and measurable production increase.

The Connected Services suite consists of five services: Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics, Backup Management, Remote Access, Fleet Assessment, and Asset Optimization. Each Connected Service, or the combination of some, deliver specific and clear benefits to customers that can help them drive performance and productivity improvements, thus saving maintenance and production costs quickly.

Connected Services is delivered to you via the MyRobot web application providing customers and ABB Service with actionable information through a intuitive user interface at your fingertips any time, and any place.

It is a cloud-based service suite thought for fulfilling the needs of different user profiles within maintenance and production departments that allow them to remotely monitor, troubleshoot and optimize robot systems. On top of that, customers can better plan their preventive maintenance activities and reduce both maintenance and production costs by avoiding unplanned stops and decreasing micro-stoppages during production.

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Connected Services


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