Sell your old robot to ABB

If you have an ABB robot or peripheral equipment that are no longer in use or if you are looking to upgrade your robots, then ABB’s buyback service is the way to go. Selling an old robot instead of scrapping it not only helps your business make some money, but also contributes to creating a more sustainable manufacturing environment by recycling old equipment.

With our simple three-step process, you can rest assured that you are going to get a great deal.

How it works

Step 1: Pricing

Sharing as much detail about the robot you wish to sell, such as photographs, can help us determine the right price for the equipment.

Step 2: Contract

A single team will handle the entire buyback, ensuring a quick and efficient process. Once you and ABB have settled on the price, we draw up a purchase order and that’s it.

Step 3: Collection

Once all the paper work is done, ABB will organize the pick-up of the robot from your factory. All you have to do is simply load the robot onto to truck. 

Some details we require are:
  • Serial numbers of the robot
  • Indicate whether you want to sell peripheral equipment
  • Number of hours in operation
  • Applications the robot was used for
  • Location of the robot

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